LA Ink - Los Angeles Tattoo: Lost Souls Tattoo

lost souls fontana tattoo ink parlor shop piercing
Im getting this work done by my Cousin Billy.
I remeber when Billy used to do ink for all the Gangster in and out of prison from all the cities East of Los Angeles. Too bad all of them are doing time now.
He still have connections.
Now he does tattoos for all the "Vatos" in the barrio and all the "Monster" energy drinking,"Kottonmouth King" listening bro's around the Inland Empire.
His new shop is on Valley Blvd betweeen Sierra&Juniper.

Check em out on Myspace for now, or on Twitter.
However, their new website and new other location opening up soon!


  1. In young generation tattoo is very popular. It can express your character. This ink tattoo is really a different essence.

  2. how did it trun out???Billy is awesome!!!