When Kanye West Lyrics dont just Attack

Kanye West attacks Paparazzi at LAX.
The Paparazi was taunting Kanye.
Kanye hit down one photographers camera, then another and smashes that one too! He then realized it was video but you cant even tell its Kanye West. The guy with the hood didnt even go after the video guy, it was his assistant.
Its a publicity stunt! BOooooooooo! Check it out
The Paparazzi is lucky he had no fans to back him up, if it was him.
Why was Kanye and his assistant only arrested?
Dont believe the newspaper and tabloids without hearing Kanye's side of the story.
I would of did the same thing, especially at Los Angeles International Airport. You can get away with anything in L.A. ask O.J. "O.K."
This is the other time this year!


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