Travis Dj Am hit in Traffic after Plane Accident!

According to Google Trends.
Dj Am got 3x's more traffic (20 points) than he has ever been in the spot lite.

The Booking Rate Just went up!
Get Well Mr. Goldstein.
No more celeb. parties. Straight once a year and yer good!
You became more famous than Nichole Ritchie which was "3" at her prime.
Can I carry your records? Get a scratch in every now and then?

Good thing him and Travis are ok.
What do you think about Am and Travis being the only survivors?
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1 comment:

  1. the wierdest thing... today i was driving around my hometown (pomona) and i saw a car with CrazyGabeDj vinyl sticker on it and it grabbed my attention. Then just now I'm browsing through blogs and this one comes up....
    but cool.