Music Dj meets Movie Nicolas Cage -

Im watching Nick Cage on David Letterman at this second.
He is talking about his haunted home in New Orleans, Louisiana
but you must hear my Nicholas Cage meeting. That I have told many times to all my friends. This is the last time for record.

In 1998, I am on Melrose Blvd in Hollywood,California. I am with Alfredo Castro,Marla Reyes,James Ali,Luis Albarran. We are walking down Melrose with a buzz, after drinking some beers in the car on the way there. Out comes this guy, walking with a little girl who looks familiar. He walks from one of the little streets off of Melrose. Marla notices him and says thats Nicolas Cage. I said "That was!"
He walks into this expensive Antique store. Cant remember the name but it is no longer there. We follow right behind him. It takes a while for people to notice and point. Marla asked everybody for a pen for his autograph. I walk straight up to him and say "Nicholas Cage?" He says "Yes". I told him I loved his work, Good Job. He put out his hand and said "Thank You" I then walked out of the store.
Marla got his autograph.
I wasn't star struck until I left the store. I couldn't believe I went straight up to him.

Back to the Haunted house Nick lives in New Orleans,LA.
Check this video I found on Youtube:

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