Raging Waters San Dimas last Kiss of Summer

Emilio and I showed up to Raging waters
at to our suprise it Los Angeles radio station KissFM.

Sisanie was on the set
Dj Big Chunk was tearing it up on the turntables.
Shwayze and Lady Gaga were on Deck.
I was looking for O.ne D.own M.exican but didnt see one?
Too bad we werent in any of the KISSFM pictures.
Emilio started getting fuss.

To make a long story even longer.

They played name that tune.
I was the first one to win.
I knew all the songs and they didnt want to give me anymore stuff!
Booooooo! J/k
Thanks for the hat guys.

They even got me to go home and join the KISS online community.
Just when I thought they cant sucker a Marketing Major.

I hope Club Splash happens every Friday.

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