2 Year Old Graphic Artist

Last night February 24th, I opened up Adobe Photoshop for my little 25 month old boy Emilio. He got very interested. I showed him once or twice and he knew how to change the colors,fonts,change shapes,and brush size after that.
Its pretty basic for any graphic artist but he just turned 2 yrs old.

He was on for a half hour until we limited his time. He cried for 5 minutes after.
Emilio also knows his Alphabet & can count to 15.

We would like to sell Emilio's art and donate it to a Child/Kids Charity.
We can make it any print size & ship anywhere in the world
graphic art 25 month old boy photoshop adobe

Emilio the 2yr old Adobe Photoshop Graphic Artist on 12seconds.tv

Emilio 2 yr old doing graphic art . on TwitPic
He is also the star of Emilio's Apartment.TV
Watch live video from Emilio's Apartment 14 on Justin.tv

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  1. wow! he's pretty effin handy with that- better than me!