Mexican American War Not Drug Related

The war is in the Southwest between Latin population.
The war is between the Mexican ("Paisa","Border brothers","Illegals",Born in Mexico)
and Mexican-Americans (Chicanos,Born in the US)

We as Chicanos discriminate against these Mexicans.
We differentiate ourselves in the workplace, and in the jail system.

We see these Latinos come into the US and work harder than us,more hours, and that scares us. We take for granted what we have here in the United States.

We need to work together in society and teach them. We need to teach them how to get into colleges,English,legal system, and voting.

Many of these Mexicans are getting other immigrants from as far as South America to join their side. When they get into good positions they are only hiring only paisas. They say they speak only Spanish to make other feel unwelcome.

We need to work together.

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