Napkin Nights Vegas vs. Last Nites Pix

These are the days of the "Rock Star"
VH1 and MTV have portrayed the celebrity style with everyday life, and everybody wants a piece of it.
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These 2 website are raking the the dough by slappin their logo on a picture they take of you, and giving you a card to their website. and

Napkin Nights is a head of the game. The headquarters are in Las Vegas and they cover all the big concerts in all major city's. Especially in Las Vegas & Sacramento

Can Last Nites pix keep up?

DJ Download hasnt seen them while he performs in Los Angeles

I offer a paparazzi service!
Hire 1-5 Photographers to follow you a round the city and act like they are photographing you. You can also hire them photograph you on stage when you are playing or djing to make a long lasting impression to everybody around. Email me for price.

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  1. NapkinNights is awesome! Everyone i know loves NapkinNights to death!