Corona,Escobedo,Chagolla: Family Tree,Family History

Corona,Escobedo,Chagolla: Family Tree,Family History from Southern California just East of Los Angeles, California
2009: Updated on Free

Pedro Lona Chagolla & Yasidra Chagolla

5 Kids (Guadalupe,Sally,Porfidio,Paul,Antonio)

1.Guadalupe "Lupe" Selenas

2. Sally & Sal Canales (Sal was friends with John F. Kennedy)

3.Porfidio Lona Chagolla

4. Paul Lona Chagolla

5. Antonio Lona Chagolla (Where I got my last name)

Aldalberto Trancosa & Juana Ramirez Trancosa

8 Kids (Sally,Joe,Rudy,Juana,Carmen,Natie,Natalie,Guadalupe)

1. Joe Trancosa
2 kids 1. Anita 2.Angela

2Rudy Trancosa

3.Juana (Jenny) & Paul Lona Chagolla

4.Carmen Trancosa

5.Natie & Nicholas Saviollas

6.Natalie Trancosa

7.Guadalupe Pimental

8. Soledad "Sally" Trancosa Chagolla (My Grandmother)

Bernabae Corona &
4 kids (Ruben,Jesus,Inez,1 more male)

1.Jesus Corona (My Grandfather) & Soledad Trancosa Chagolla
Jesus has 4 Children (Susan,Stella,Julie,Ana)
Soledad has 5 Children (Joe,Annie,Stella,Susan,Julie)

Jesus has 1 Child with
1. Ana & Goyo

2.Ruben Corona (History Unknown)

3. Inez from Tijuana, Mexico.

Antonio Lona Chagolla & Soledad "Sally" Trancosa Chagolla
Antonio 2 kids w/Soledad( Joe,Annie)
Soledad 5 kids w/Antonio & Jesus (Joe,Annie,Susan,Stella,Julie)

1.Joe Chagolla & Angelina Duran Chagolla

1 Child: Shelly Chagolla: Shelly & Ted Rodriguez
1 Child: TJ Rodriguez

2Annie Chagolla: Annie Waso & Mike Waso
4 Kids from Mike and unknown (Mike,Billy,Christina,Bobby)

Mike Waso & Carol
1 Kid:
Zack Waso

Billy & Sherry Waso
3 Kids
1.Jeremiah Waso
2.Vinny Waso
3. Ryan Waso

Christina Waso: Christina & Nick Jones

3 Kids:
1. Jason Jones
2. Joseph Jones
3. Britney Jones

Annie Chagolla another Child
1 Child (Bobby)
Bobby Trancosa Chagolla

2 Children w/ Michelle

1. Shannon Chagolla: Shannon &
4 Children

2. Melinda Chagolla:
5 Children


Jesus Corona & Soledad "Sally" Chagolla

A. 3 Children

Susan Chagolla: Susan Borunda & Jerry Borunda
3 Children (Irene, Chris, Brandy)

1 Child w/ Jerry Borunda

Irene Borunda: Herndandez:

Irene:2 Kids with Jose Hernandez

Lorraine Hernandez:

Ledrina Herndandez:

Irene:2 Kids with Robert Castillo

1.Robert Castillo

2.Larissa Castillo

Susan 2 kids: w/ Andrew Talamantes

1.Christopher Chagolla (Reside in Nuevo, California)

2.Brandy Chagolla: Brandy & Ricky Rodriguez

4 Kids

Ricky Rodriguez
Moses Rodriguez
Brandy Rodriguez
Isrealla Rodriguez

Stella Chagolla: William Stringer & Stella Stringer

1 Child:

William (Billy) Stringer: Owner Lost Souls Tattoo in Fontana, California

Julie Trancosa Chagolla (My Mother): Joe Escobedo & Julie Escobedo
3 kids (Gabriel,Emily,Derek)

A. 2 Kids: Emily, Derek

1. Emily Escobedo

2. Derek Escobedo

Julie: 1 kid child with Art Cerda

1. Gabriel Chagolla - Dj/Student at Cal Poly Pomona

a. 1 Child w/ Michelle Yvonne Garcia

1.Emilio Chagolla

For Emilio:

Gregorio Cerda/Hermila Cerda (Buried at Oakdale Memorial in Covina, Ca.) &

Arturo Martinez Cerda (My birth parent) Born in Guanajuato, Mexico. Raised in Chino,California
3 kids known. 2 with Constance ( Greg Cerda (Upland), Jay Cerda (Upland), one w/ Julie (G Chagolla)

Cesar Garcia -(Born in Quito, Ecuador) -(Buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetary)
8 Kids (Marcello Garcia,Sylvia Demartino,Stella Conley,Mario Garcia,Cesar Rocky Garcia,William Garcia,Deana Garcia,Delila Garcia)

5 kids with Maria Torres(Born in Quito,Ecuador)
2 kids with Noemi Garcia (Deanna,Delila)

1.Marcello Garcia & Maria De Lourdes Landeros Munoz Garcia (Divorced)
Marcello 5 kids (Cindy,Erika,Michelle,Ivan,1 unknown)

1. Cindy & Jose Hernandez
5 kids (Joseph,Sol,Johnny,Ciello,Luna)

2. Erica & Daniel Orozco
2 Kids (Anaise,Joaquin)

3.Michelle Yvonne Garcia & G Chagolla
1 kid (Milo)

4. Ivan Alexander Garcia

5. Unknown

2. Rocky Garcia
3.Mario Garcia
4.William "Bill" Garcia (Teacher Harvard)
5. Sylvia Demartino
6. Stella Conley

Cesar & Noemi Garcia
2 kids: (Deanna,Delila)

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  1. Hi, how could I contact Christopher Chagolla? I'm wondering whether he's my old friend who moved schools between fifth and sixth grade?

  2. This is David Straight from Santa Clara, CA. I'm looking for my dorm-mate Daniel Orozco. We went to Cal Poly SLO together then Daniel moved to Santa Rosa, CA (or near that area). Anyway, I'm looking for Daniel. Contact me at