Music Promotion in Los Angeles?


Perferably in California USA but this is good when performing at any venue in the Inland Empire or greater Los Angeles area to maximize your audience.

1. Post on Myspace - Events

2 Email Wal at the IE Weekly to put it on the calendar section at

3. Post on Craigslist - Event Section

4. Email Skinnie Magazine to put in their calendar at

5. Post on

6. Post on

7. Post on

8. Post on

9 Post on

10. Post on

11. Post on

12. Email @ to put it on the calendar.

13. Post on Events

14. Post on

15. Post on

16. Post in Facebook events

17. Post on Last.Fm

18. Post on

19. Post on events

20. Post on

Bring Video Recorder (2G of Memory)


Post it on YouTube (Tag: Venue)

This should allow you to promote your event in many channels

Now leave a tip at the door!
Cal Poly Pomona's Marketing Program is not cheap


For all information go to Dj City Wide
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